American Cowboys


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Earning wide acclaim for her incredible fine art work exhibited in galleries and published in the bestselling Wild Horses of Cumberland Island (2017) and West: The American Cowboy (2019), the new collection of work in AMERICAN: Cowboys is a another artful, intimate study of the American cowboy character and their sense of place in the world.

French NYC-based author/photographer/mother, and explorer Anouk Masson Krantz continues her solo journey across America to further explore the American cowboy ethos, long admired for its strength, relentless work ethic, and humble values. She's travelled tens of thousands of miles across the United States - from Florida in the east to California in the west and over fifteen states - to capture mostly unknown facets of this intriguing culture to most of the world. With her exquisite photographs in these pages Anouk showcases an incredible journey from an outsider's perspective into the private world of the American cowboy: a story between an outsider and these people's lives at their most real and never seen.

Real people and real stories - an incredible and inspiring story of people coming together to share their lives and celebrate the nation's cowboy/cowgirl culture, across small and historic ranches, college, junior, and small-town rodeos, and the incredibly diverse group of cowboys/cowgirls coming from different backgrounds, such as Native American, African American, and Vaqueros (in Spanish-speaking parts of the United States).

A culture that only works "together" in a world that is increasingly all about "me". This book is a must-have title among Anouk's fine collections of photographs.

AUTHOR: Born and raised in France, Anouk Krantz moved to the United States in the late 1990s. Living in New York, she completed her high school at the Lycee Francais and earned her bachelor degree while working for a lifestyle magazine. Following college she worked at Cartier's corporate office in New York that oversees the Americas. Anouk later studied at the International Center of Photography and has developed several notable bodies of work, including Wild Horses of Cumberland Island and West: The American Cowboy. Her work has appeared in prominent galleries and museums, and earned accolades from the International Photography Awards and International Monochrome Awards. Her books and her art have been praised by international publications, such as Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Time, Harper's Bazaar, Daily Mail UK, and Garden & Gun, among many others.

SELLING POINTS: In AMERICAN: Cowboys renowned photographer Anouk Masson Krantz travels thousands of miles across the United States to revisit the enduring iconic symbol of America's pioneering spirit to continue to explore what is a largely unfamiliar and overlooked part of the world . Set out in a stunning large-format book, the pages within inspire with a fresh and contemporary perspective of the cowboy/cowgirl culture, the families, women and children, and ranching communities in the heartland of the great American West

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