An extraordinary archive of vintage and recently discovered photographs taken in the 1960s by an unknown South Australian photographer. The images capture amazing, candid, moments in the Middle East, India, Europe and the end of the Adventure, in Australia.

The images are exclusive to one Rundle and we would love to tell you more about their story and show you some additional images, framing and size options. Professionally printed and framed to the highest standards locally in Adelaide on Platine paper.

The photographs can be made to order in 2 different sizes.

Small (99cm by 66cm) Large (1.15m by 1.14m) 

There are 2 different frames used. Black and White photographs have a black framing and colour photographs have an oak framing.

This is only the beginning and we have plenty more photographs available! We will have a catalogue in store at Dulwich which you can look through and order from. All orders will take between 1-3 weeks depending on the image and size. 

Before placing an order please call us on 8431 3033 or email and we can assist you with your purchase.