The restoration and interior design at the Hackney Stables reflect our dear friend Josephine Marshall's skills and exquisite obsession with style and detail.  The beautiful furniture and accessories have been sourced from her store, One Rundle Trading. If you are interested in seeing their full range of furniture, gifts and fashion we recommend you visit their stunning emporium in Dulwich.



The Brief was to completely renovate an 1870s Stable in Hackney.



The Client was a busy executive in Melbourne who purchased the property on line and hadn’t seen it in person until our renovation and redecoration was complete.



The property had been tenanted for decades and had undergone a poor renovation and conversion in the early 1980s



There was damp through-out the fabric of the building, the stairs leading to the bedroom’s upstairs were dangerous and more like an awkward ladder than stairs. There was only 1 very old bathroom downstairs, no laundry and no plumbing upstairs. There was no garden and a 1970s veranda across the façade of the building which blocked out all light from the living areas.



The Client wanted the works completed as soon as possible as it was to be an investment property to let as an Air Bnb, which she would also use when visiting Family and friends in Adelaide.



We got busy and instructed our favourite Tradesmen. We completely renovated the property, including; major damp proofing and general repairs, replacing all floors, completely redesigning and replacing the stairs, removing the veranda, replacing windows with external doors and ensuring the dark property would be drenched in natural light.



A new kitchen was installed, laundry facilities created, a new bathroom and a new upstairs powder room created. Furniture and art work were selected and installed. It was an exciting day when the finished product was presented to our Client.







Before Renovation: