The brief was to assist new clients who contacted us to help them draw together the elements of their new home in the Adelaide Hills. The clients have purchased a remarkable property with a mid-century modern aesthetic, which included blue stones stacked internal walls, bolted ceilings and remarkable views across Mt George. The problem was that the clients had brought all their existing furniture from their 19th century Fullarton villa, none of which provided the right scale or mood for their new home. They have attempted to bring their new interior together by purchasing new pieces, which none were working in the space. Josephine was brought in to the project once they had completely lost their "nerve" and were even considering plaster boarding the remarkable stone walls. Our first suggestion was to put together a full proposal to develop the clients trust and confidence, we then offered to transport a number of key pieces so that the clients could imagine the concept we were developing first hand. The client’s confidence grew quickly and the project finally resulted in a total transformation of 5 key living spaces.