The Brief was to completely renovate an historic property which had been badly converted in the 1980s. The client wanted to use a reconfigured space for medical consulting and coaching. She also wanted to create a small kitchenette, although there had never been any provision for a kitchen and include a shower in the small toilet area. There was also a defunct staircase which was no longer in use. The Client asked us to create a fresh, fun space that could be used for consulting now, and as an Air Bnb or a small apartment in the future.



We suggested removal of the stair case was a priority so we could incorporate the small space that would be gained in the narrow hallway, into a galley kitchen which we would disguise behind cupboards. The removal of the staircase required reasonably complex works to ensure sound proofing and minimal disruption to tenants in adjoining areas, but the transformation was amazing.



We used our favourite Team of builders to carry out the complex and exacting work required, including, removal of carpets, polishing and staining of floor boards and staining of additional old Baltic boards to match for facing the kitchenette cupboards. The bathroom was completely renovated and a shower installed. Walls were replastered and the entire property was repainted. A complex old IT system which also serviced the adjoining tenancies needed to be completely updated with minimal disruption. We undertook this technical work also.



A very gifted joiner took on the challenge of creating a kitchenette in a tiny hallway and facing the cupboards with old floor boards. Some of our other trades helped us with the concrete bench tops and the very challenging suspended concrete floating shelf. Our favourite glazier did some magic with smoked mirrored panels which acts as a splash back and ensures the tiny space feels dynamic rather than cramped.






Once works were complete, we sourced contemporary, classic pieces of furniture and Art which work beautifully for now, but which would work equally well if the property does change its function down the track.





Here are some "before" photos: