This Brief was to make a significant, historic Ballroom into a fabulous space for Family and friends to enjoy, whilst ensuring that nothing of the importance and grandeur of the space was lost. A remarkable historic ceiling also had to be respected.

As we had done significant work on the home for the previous and present owners, we already had in-depth knowledge of the property.

Our solution for the Ballroom was to select some beautiful, mid-century inspired sofas with a sleek profile and to make an elegant dual-purpose table in iron, with a stone top. The table acts as a console most days, but can be easily transformed into a Dining Table when the room is used for big Family gatherings.

The window treatments were also central to the scheme. Masses of white sheer curtains hung on black iron rods add glamour, softness and impact without making the amazing space feel domestic.

A large window overlooking a street frontage required a blind for privacy. The solution was a double bespoke blind providing sheer and opaque options, finished with black hardware adding a smart edge and referencing the black iron of the curtain rods, the bespoke Dining Table and the console table.

We selected graphic works on paper in black and white by Indigenous Artist Cedric Varcoe, and hung them in a traditional stack style to reinforce the contemporary overlay for the space.

Our Client did a fabulous job dressing the space with decorative accessories and selecting the knockout chandeliers.